Labour safety

Occupational safety and health and environmental protection

The main priorities of JSC “NIIneftepromchim” are protection of its employees’ life and health, occupational safety and environmental protection.

The Company pays great attention to providing safe working conditions by improving production processes, increasing the reliability of technological equipment, ensuring its safe and trouble-free operation, and introducing new technologies.

The goals and obligations of JSC “NIIneftepromchim” are specified in the “Occupational safety and health and environmental protection policy”.

Occupational safety and health and environmental protection policy

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Fire protection

The following principles set forth in the Fire Protection Policy adopted by JSC “NIIneftepromchim” control activities on increasing fire protection level of the Company’s facilities:

  • safety and security of employees’ life and health, Company equipment, buildings and structures by setting up a fire protection system;
  • priority of activity on compliance with fire safety requirements in all departments over other production tasks;
  • appropriate resources allocation for continuous improvement of the fire protection system.

Fire Protection Policy

Civil safety, emergency prevention

The Civil safety policy of JSC “NIIneftepromchim” is a complex of coordinated and integrated economic, regulatory, informational and special measures both to protect employees, material assets in case of dangers arising from military conflicts or as a result of these conflicts, or in the event of natural and man-made emergencies, and to provide delay-free production operation of the Company in wartime and emergency situations.

Civil safety and emergency prevention policy

The Company has implemented an occupational safety and health management system under national standard GOST R ISO 45001-2020.

Certificate of Conformity of the management system to the requirements of GOST R ISO 14001-2020 (ISO 14001:2018)