“Niineftepromhim” JSC has more than 20 years of experience in the supply and installation of laboratory equipment, materials, diversified laboratories, laboratory furniture and other equipment and materials for various industries, being a partner of many domestic and foreign manufacturers.

To determine the effectiveness of corrosion and paraffin inhibitors and demulsifiers,  specialized equipment, portable laboratories, laboratory facilities are developed and supplied both in the fields and in the laboratories of our company.

 Name      Application  Description

Equipment to study corrosion.

Gravimetric installation for two U-shaped cells with speed control of the working fluid.

The equipment is designed to determine the corrosion aggressiveness of oilfield media and the protective ability of corrosion inhibitors by the gravimetric method in laboratory conditions.
The installation for evaluation of the paraffin inhibitors effectiveness. The installation is designed to evaluate the relative effectiveness of paraffin inhibitors in order to select the right inhibitors for specific oils at a particular stage of development. The installation uses the method of “cold rod” together with the gravimetric method. 11111
Portable laboratory to assess the effectiveness of demulsifiers

List of laboratory equipment:

Thermostat up to 100 °С, 220V, 50Hz

centrifuga Hettich 6000 rpm,  8 х 15 ml, 220V, 50 Hz

mechanical pipette


5 — 50 μl

50 — 200 μl

200 —1000 μl

cylindrical settling tanks with capacity of 100 ml

cylindrical settling tanks with capacity of 50 ml

conical settling tanks with capacity of 100 ml

tripods, chemical vessels

It is also possible to set up and equip portable laboratories according to the customer’s specifications.



  • analysis of oil, petroleum products and gases;
  • chemical and petrochemical plants;
  • environmental protection;
  • hydraulic power stations and power plants;
  • plants for production of cement and other construction materials;
  • analysis of chemicals and drilling fluids;
  • food industry;
  • testing acid solutions (field laboratory).


  • assistance in designing and comprehensive fitting out of laboratories;
  • installation, commissioning of equipment, personnel training;
  • warranty and post-warranty service;
  • operating decisions for technical matters.

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