Laboratory research

“NIIneftepromchim” JSC has advanced equipment, which makes possible to develop optimal solutions for chemical tasks. The analysis data of core salvage and reservoir fluids, obtained and analyzed by our specialists, allow optimizing processes of field exploitation with use of chemical technologies.

We have:

  • accredited laboratory (the laboratory is accredited by the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation for technical competence and independence in accordance with GOST – registration number in the register of ROSSRU.0001.22HI50);
  • certified laboratory of physics & chemistry and reservoir mechanics;
  • certified laboratory of the chemistry of coordination compounds.

We are ready to offer you the following research:

  • Within the scope of the accredited laboratory

    • Analysis of demulsifying ability of demulsifiers of water-oil emulsions.
    • Determination of the corrosion inhibitor protective effect by gravimetric and electrochemical methods.
    • Determination of the corrosion inhibitor protective effect with use of the pilot plant “Monikor-stand”.
    • Determination of physical and chemical properties of demulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors: dry residue, density, kinematic viscosity, pour point, pH, hydroxyl value, mass fraction of phosphorus, mass fraction of nitrogen, amine number, acid index, mass fraction of halogenide ions.
    • Content determination in oil of:
      • chlorine salts,
      • mechanical impurities,
      • iron sulphide,
      • mass fraction of water.
      • determination of hydrogen sulfide and dissolved oxygen in stratum (bottom) water.
  • Within the scope of the certified laboratory of physics & chemistry and reservoir mechanics

    • filtration test with use of core material and reservoir models;
    • comparative analysis of efficiency of enhanced oil recovery and bottom hole treatment technologies in the conditions close to the reservoir conditions of a specific field;
    • determination of the of water-oil displacement index in laboratory conditions;
    • porosity and pore structure analysis. Assessment of chemical agents influence on the rock.
  • Within the scope of the certified laboratory of the chemistry of coordination compounds

    • analysis of stratum and waste waters;
    • determination of density, hydrogen index (рН);
    • chemical analysis of stratum and waste water content with determination of ions Cl; I; Br; CO32-; HCO3; SO42-; Ca2+; Mg2+; (Na+ + K+); Fe3+; Fetot; Ва2+; Sr2+; NH4+;
    • determination of carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide content;
    • determination of mechanical impurities;
    • determination of compatibility while mixing reservoir waters with waters of different horizons;
    • determination of chemical composition of salt deposits;
    • testing and selection of scale inhibitors according to requirements of a particular enterprise.
    • analysis of physical and chemical properties of scale inhibitors: density, hydrogen index (pH), viscosity at temperatures (from +20°C to -40°C), pour point;
    • determination of the mass fraction of the active base;
    • determination of corrosion aggressiveness of the commercial form of inhibitors;
    • determination of compatibility of scale inhibitors with reservoir water and well killing fluids;
    • determination of scale inhibitors influence on oil demulsification;
    • determination of residual content of scale inhibitors in the aqueous medium during their application;
    • testing of scale inhibitors in accordance with the guidelines of the leading oil and gas companies.

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