Bactericides designed to inhibit sulfate-reducing bacteria growth (SRB) in downhole and oilfield equipment.




Bactericides SNPKh-1050 and SNPKh-1517 are meant to be used to inhibit the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria causing microbiological corrosion of oilfield equipment. The bactericides can be used in oil gathering and oil processing systems as well as in the systems of reservoir pressure maintenance since they possess the properties of hydrogen sulfide neutralizer.

Bactericides SNPKh-1050 and SNPKh-1517 cause a protective anti-corrosion effect in a hydrogen sulfide-containing environment. The protective effect at a dosage of 30 g/m3 of liquid makes 60-70%.

Basic characteristics

SNPKh-1050 SNPKh-1517
Physical form liquid from light yellow to dark brown colour liquid from light yellow to dark brown colour
Density at 20°С, kg/m3 950 — 1100 1050 — 1150
Pour point, ºС, at most minus 40 minus 50
Hydrogen ion concentration (рН) 9 8

SNPKh-1517 is produced in two brands – А and М and is marked by pour point lower minus 50. SNPKh-1050 and SNPKh-1517 cause no negative impact on the process of oil preparation and the quality of commercial oil since they contain no organochlorine compounds.


Specific consumption makes 30-300 g / m3 of liquid depending on the oilfield environment contamination with sulfate-reducing bacteria.

SNPKh-1050 and SNPKh-1517 are added into “The List of chemical products approved and authorized for use in oil sector” as well as into the Register of Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Regions of application

Republic of Tatarstan, Komi Republic, Irkutsk Region, Republic of Azerbaijan.

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