Corporate governance

The General Shareholder Meeting is the highest management, decision-making body of JSC “NIIneftepromchim”.

The Board of Directors has overall charge of the Company between General Meetings. The Board of Directors consists of 5 people.

The single executive body of the Company manages Company’s operational activities.

The General Shareholder Meeting elects the Audit Committee to exercise control over the financial and economic Company’s activities.

General Shareholder Meeting

The General Shareholder Meeting is the highest management body of the Company. The Company holds an annual General Shareholder Meeting once a year.

General Meeting Procedure

Board of Directors

Composition of the board:

  1. Elbrus Rustemovich Magdeev
  2. Ildar Agelamovich Gamilov
  3. Kirill Andreevich Kolganov
  4. Denis Maratovich Urmatov
  5. Rosa Gilmukhanovna Kuramshina

Regulation of the Board of Directors

The status and jurisdiction of the Board of Directors of JSC “NIIneftepromchim”, the methods of electing its members, the rights, duties and responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company are governed by the Regulation of the Board of Directors, being in force.

General Director

Ildar Agelamovich Gamilov

General Director of JSC “NIIneftepromchim”

Telephone: +7 (843) 212-24-24

General Director Charter

Audit Committee, External audit

The Audit Committee controls the Company’s financial statements and is the main communication channel between the Board of Directors and the Company’s auditors.

The Company engages a professional audit organization (external auditor) on the competitive basis for the purposes of verifying and confirming the reliability of the annual financial statements prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and both standards governing audit activities in the Russian Federation and applicable international auditing standards,

The Company’s policy on the organization and conduct of external audit sets down the basic principles of the organization and conduct of the external audit for JSC “NIIneftepromchim”, methods and criteria for electing of auditors, as well as conception of observing principles of independence and no conflict of interest by auditors.

External audit policy

Regulation concerning the Audit Committee

Charter, internal documents

Restated Charter of NII dd February 16, 2018

Corporate governance code

Corporate ethics code

Regulation on the Corporate Secretary