The first* in oil-field chemistry

In the USSR the first Research Institute for oil-field chemistry was founded in 1978

The first* in oil-field chemistry

In the USSR the first Research Institute for oil-field chemistry was founded in 1978

Over 40 years
experience in oil-field chemistry
chemical products and technologies
Over 1 million
tons of shipments throughout history

We develop and implement chemical products and technologies for oil production processes:

Enhanced oil recovery technologies

A mix of remedies to increase oil recovery and intensify oil production, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability


They are used in the process of dehydration and desalting of oil in collection systems and in oil treatment plants within the wide range of temperatures

Inhibitors of corrosion

Being continuously added, they are significantly slow down the corrosion of oil field equipment and pipelines

Paraffin inhibitors and paraffin sediments removers

Prevent sediments of asphalts, resins and paraffins in oilfield equipment and pipelines during oil production, storage and transportation.

Inhibitors and scaling solvent

They are designed to protect oilfield equipment from deposits of inorganic salts, including sulfates, calcium and magnesium carbonates, barium sulfate, and iron compounds during oil extraction processes and treatment

Bactericides, neutralizers of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan

Designed to inhibit sulfate-reducing bacteria growth (SRB) in downhole and oilfield equipment. Designed to reduce hydrogen disulfide and mercaptan compounds concentration or to completely remove them in oil.

We provide full consulting and technological support for the developed products and technologies

Engineering support

Expert personnel of the company carries out engineering support of technologies necessary for successful work at all stages – drilling operations, well development and production as well as further oil transportation.

Laboratory research

We have: accredited laboratory (the laboratory is accredited by the federal agency for technical regulation and metrology of the russian federation for technical competence and independence in accordance with gost – registration number in the register of rossru.0001.22hi50)

Improvement of qualification

We hold scientific and practical seminars “Development paths and application of oilfield chemistry for production, treatment, transportation of oil and enhanced oil recovery”. The seminars are aimed at improving the skills of specialists in the oil and gas industries.

We arrange delivery to any region of Russia and CIS countries